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Tulips and Oysters Cross Arts Theatre

Although 'work proper' began for Tulips and Oysters at the start of 2005,
the seeds of this cross arts theatre group were planted back in 2000
when two of its members met and worked together for the first time.
Kate Wilson studied fine art in London and was working as a visual artist
and performance artist in County Leitrim at a time when Cathal Roche
had decided to take some time out of the Dublin jazz scene to develop
his own work. Kate and Cathal began their first cross arts improvisation
work at this time whilst continuing to pursue their separate careers in art
and music. The addition of dance artist Aideen Mulcahy and saxophonist
Nick Roth at the beginning of the year provided the momentum to bring
the group towards its first performance. Nick and Cathal had by then
been joint members of three of Irelands most innovative contemporary
music ensembles; Fuzzy Logic, the Kai Big Band, and the RISE
Saxophone Quartet, and were playing together on a regular basis.
Aideen started working with Kate in dance theatre and performance in
2004. At the end of 2004 Aideen and Kate started work as a duo. Tulips
and Oysters debut performance at the Factory Performance Space is an
example of the groups innovative and fresh approach to dance, music
and visual art installation.

Landscapes Series

Landscapes Series is a series of short explorations inspired by the
landscape and oral history of south Sligo.

Each episode is an improvised and composed conversation between
music and dance woven with live recording, interactive music, video
projection and installation.

Redirected : Phenomenology of Feminine Body Motility

In 2006 I was contacted by the Computer Science Department at Warwick
University, concerning the development of an interactive facility for artists
for multi-camera motion capture. At Warwick forty-eight video cameras
have been installed in a studio with each camera linked to it's own
computer. Systems for both dynamic object manipulation and viewpoint
manipulation are being constructed for use at this studio.
I have been asked to form part of a group of international artists,(also
included are Gill Clarke of Independent Dance, Becky Edmunds,
Rosemary Lee of ResCen, and potentially associate members of the
Royal Shakespeare Co.), who will assist in the creation of effective
intergration of the systems developed, and the creation of interfaces of
practical use to an artistic process. To this end the university is offering
use of the multi-camera facility to the artists involved, that we might
explore the potential offered by this facility for our own art practices in
Ireland and the U.K.

I am using this facility in the development of my performance work,
, exploring the ordinary purposive orientation of the feminine
body towards its environment.

I believe the ways the feminine body typically conducts itself in purposive
orientation towards things and it's environment is revelatory of the
structures of feminine existence. I am going to develop a series of
movement studies exploring the relationship of intention and action in
feminine bodily motility. These studies will be used as ground material in
the creation of a performance work for film.The studio for multi-camera 
motion capture at Warwick University will be of unquantifiable use in
deepening the potential of my research in feminine body motility, as well
as expanding the possibilities of new media presentation of the work.




Artist as Traveller, 2004
Living Spaces, 1995

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Living Spaces, Live Performance 1995

Living Spaces, Performance for Video 1995

Living Spaces, Performance for Video

Living Spaces, Performances for Video